NOVEMBER 3, 2019 SUMMIT between WEST PACIFIC PETROLEIUM LIMITED representing ASIA Markets and  RENAISSANCE GLOBAL ENERGY COMPANY, LLC. representing Africa Markets, members of LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC.  Celebrating the successful closing of a major deal between the ASIAN MEMBERS and AFRICAN MEMBERS for Bonnie Crude Oil for over 4,000,000 of barrels per month of on-shore in CHINA on a multi-year contract. 




LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT suspends all trade with China on LNG, COAL, OIL, AVIATION FUEL AND DESIEL FUEL, TEMP-COAT and all other products. We have  also suspended all future transaction with any HONG KONG banks. 


The new Reports are our for LNG from Natural Gas Intelligence 

These reports and documents are available to all members upon request. 

The LNG industry GIIGNL Annual Report

NGI’s LNG Insight Methodology & “How to Read” Guide

Natural Gas Intelligence’s (NGI) LNG Insight is a daily pricing, data and news service targeting the North American Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) market. With more than 30 years of adding transparency to natural gas markets through its reports and services, NGI aims to shed light on the evolving LNG market with its newest offering


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LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. will be entering into the INDIA markets to supply INDIA with LNG, COAL and TEMP-COAT products. 


LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. has now established a major foothold in the GREATER CARIBBEAN and Central America markets for LNG sellers to buyers. This is a major new market within the Caribbean and Central American markets due to the conversion of fossil fuel fired power plants throughout the Caribbean and Central American.   The move to clean energy is now a major initiative of all Caribbean and Central American Governments. 

LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT will work with the drillers and refineries in the Marcellus regions, Canada and the Indian Nations 


LNG Consortium Project, LLC. has entered into a new market for energy, COAL. We have received orders for huge amounts of both HARD and SOFT COAL for the ASIAN countries to be shipped to the Philippines. 

Anthracite: The highest rank of coal. It is a hard, brittle, and black lustrous coal, often referred to as hard coal, containing a high percentage of fixed carbon and a low percentage of volatile matter.
Bituminous: Bituminous coal is a middle rank coal between subbituminous and anthracite. Bituminous usually has a high heating (Btu) value and is the most common type of coal used in electricity generation in the United States. Bituminous coal appears shiny and smooth when you first see it, but look closer and you may see it has layers.


LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECTS, LLC. signs agreement with FLEETMON to utilize the amazing tracking software to monitor all ships and ports that will carry any LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. shipment real time utilizing AIS and Satellite tracking worldwide.  



LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECTS has added the remarkable line of goTenna products for Oil, Gas and Mining off-grid tactical and emergency. communications 

Today at a meeting with Dino Persio and John Weidlich we finalized the agreement to purchase the 40,000 sq. ft. office building in downtown Johnstown, Also the 200 bed hotel, restaurant seating for 100, catering facility, juice bar, huge fully equipped professional kitchen, banquet rooms (2). We also signed official for the formally US Steel Club for entertaining with huge bar an wall fire place. All in Johnstown with a total of over 450,000 sq. ft. of space under roof and total land of about ten acres. The land in Ebensburg, PA. is still under our option with Dino Persio for later development as is the WorldGate Community International property in Ebensburg, PA. 
These locations will be utilized for our work study program of HVCC EDUCATION INSTITUTE. Our trades program will be used the refinish and revitalize all the properties.

A large part of the program will be dedicated to our new LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. educational training program with the ZOOM ROOMs installed at the Johnstown locations. It is planned that the LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT EDUCATIONAL Programs  and the HUB of the LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT CONTACT CENTER will be located in downtown Historic Johnstown, PA. Honor Valor Courage Corporations currently has a total of 500 ZOOM ROOMS assigned for our various educational program. 

We have now developed a huge program center around our LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. to train veterans and students in careers in the OIL, LNG and LPG fields. These classes will be conducted both in our classroom as well as on our ZOOM ROOM platform to high schools, trade schools, universities, colleges and veterans administration. These programs will create careers not just job in the exciting fields related to these growth markets. LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECTS have over 500 ZOOM ROOMs ready to deploy at these facilities by both ZOOM.US and RingCentral. The Facilities in Johnstown both in downtown and at the hotel as well as at the US STEEL CLUB HOUSE will utilize the ZOOM ROOMS for ZOOM where as the colleges, trade schools, universities, Veterans Centers are planned to utilize the ZOOM ROOMS from RingCentral.

These programs are planned to start in November with full staffing by first of the year 2020.    


Mr. Butts announced the first webinar on LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT and the careers that will be developed in the industry. This will be an hour webinar which will present the programs of LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT. The WEBINAR can be accessed on our ZOOM webinar networks on November 13, 2019 at 7 PM. This is the first in a series of webinars  for education for Veterans, Veterans Administration, military and schools  center on this huge growth industry for careers.  


Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Company, LLC. President William Chavis and LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. have entered into an Agreement In Principle  to provide LNG, LPG and Crude Oil  form Africa. This Agreement twill lead to a formal exclusive agreements within six months. Under this Agreement In Principle it is agreed that the business of LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. and PENNSYLVANIA OIL and GAS COMPANY, LLC.  will conduct business as if the formal agreement has been reached and PENNSYLVANIA OIL and GAS COMPANY. LLC. will provide SCO,s for LNG, LPG and OIL to the Buyers of MEMBERS LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. and PENNSYLVANIA OIL and GAS COMPANY, LLC. PENNSYLVANIA OIL and GAS COMPANY, LLC. is as of this date is a full MEMBER of LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. 


The LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. signed one of the largest international LNG, LPG and GRUDE OIL deals ever signed to supply up to 100,000,000 MT of LNG per month for terms up to 20 years to the ASIA Markets. The deal was signed with WEST PACIFIC PETROLEUM LIMITED, Inc. Sacramento, California and GOLDEN TIE, LLC. of  Bethesda, Maryland.  This Agreement will provide over 10,000 new jobs to the state of Pennsylvania in education, transaction (rail and trucking) drilling, security and many other fields.   


The purpose of this Agreement In Principle is to establish and define the relationship between LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC.,  WEST PACIFIC PETROLEUM LIMITED, INC. and GOLDEN TIE, LLC regarding the pursuit of  LNG, LPG, CRUDE OIL, BUNKER FUEL, AVIATION FUEL and other oil products and oil products to be purchased from the LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. by CLIENTS OF WEST PACIFIC PETROLEUM LIMITED, INC. and  GOLDEN TIE, LLC. The purpose is also to establish a guaranteed secured buyer for all MEMBERS of the LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC.  to sell MARCELLUS, SHALE GAS PLAYS, BASIN, UTICA, DEVONIAN LNG, LPG and OIL products under a preferred contract bases through LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC.  Under this agreement will be included LNG, LPG AND CRUDE OIL derived from the Sovereign Indian Nations both in the United States and Canada with separate agreements with each tribe based on current treaties and tribal laws.

WPPLI AND GTL and LNGCP will develop an exclusive agreement to buy all LNG, LPG and Crude Oil that MEMBERS of the LNG COSORTIUM PROJECT can provide to clients of WEST PACIFIC PETROLEUM LIMITED, INC. and GOLDEN TIE, LLC. as approved in quality and terms stated in the buy orders from client provided by WEST PACIFIC PETROLEUM LIMITED, INC. and GOLDEN TIE, LLC.  Quantiles will be determined on each buy order to LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC.  A test order for 100,000 MT will be utilized asap to test this process and the opening orders will be on LNG between 100,000-200,000 MT per month up to 100,000,000 MT per month under multi-years contracts up to 20 years.  LPG, Bunker, Aviation and Crude Oil maybe also be supplied under this agreement. 


This year,  the United States became the world’s third-largest LNG exporter, surpassing Malaysia. The U.S. is expected to remain the third-largest LNG exporter in the world, behind Australia and Qatar, in 2019 and 2020, the EIA estimates.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) forecast  that the United States will surpass Australia as the world’s  leading LNG exporter by 2024. Australia, for its part, will have surpassed Qatar by 2022, the IEA said in its GAS 2019 report.

A new of global wave  of LNG projects is coming over the next five years, geared to meet growing demands in the  Asian markets, in China in particular. China is and will be the key driver of demand growth and the world’s top exporters will be vying for market share on the key demand markets. Australia, Qatar, and the United States are in for a tense competition for the largest LNG exporter crown. 

Exerts from and by TSVETANA PARASKOVA for 


The LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. was originally focused on MEMBER in the Marcellus Drilling LNG Sellers in Pennsylvania as their charter members, but has  now expanded to the Marcellus Drilling LNG Sellers in other states including New York, Ohio and West Virginia, as well as also expanding the Emerging Oil & Gas Shale Plays, Shale Basin, Utica and Devonian Oil, LPG and LNG  MEMBERS.   The LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. has also expanded to included a separated special MEMBER classification for the INDIAN NATIONS in the US and CANADA. 


LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC.  through its parent conpany Honor Valor Courage Corporation has signed  a teaming agreement with Green Solutions, LLC. Ashburn, VA to provide the application and installation of TEMP-COAT along with our own HVCC TEMP-COAT TEAM from HVCC ENERGY GROUP . Green Solutions is a very experenced in all products and applications of the full line of TEMP-COAT. TEMP-COAT for the OIL, LPG and LNG for wells, ships, tank frams, tanks and transportation is a must have product.  


The LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. was ask today by one of our international partners to built a LNG STORAGE and RELAY CENTER like we are building in the Greater Caribbean in the Great State of PENNSYLVANIA.  This LNG Facility will be a private facility enterprise between the LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT and the International Investment Group and will not require or accept any outside funding in any form the State of Pennsylvania  We will work with the State of Pennsylvania on all requirements, regulations and permits. 


China imported 4.53 million mt of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in June 2019, up 14.9% year on year and 10,000 MT or 2.3% month on month, data from the General Administration of Customs (GAC) shows.

The imports accounted for 60.2% of China’s total natural gas imports, an increase of 5.8 percentage points year on year and 1.6 percentage points month on month.

China’s imports of natural gas in June were 7.52 million mt, up 3.4% year on year and down 40,000 mt  or 0.5% month on month. The country imported 2.99 million mt of gaseous natural gas (GNG) in the month, down 10.3% year on year and 140,000 mt or 4.5% month on month.

The import value of natural gas was $3.10 billion in June, up 7.9% year on year, while that of LNG and GNG were $2.01 billion and $1.09 billion, respectively, up 9.7% and 4.8% year on year.

It is calculated that the natural gas import price averaged $412/mt in June, up $4.1/mt or 1.0% month on month, while that of LNG and GNG averaged $443.7/mt and $363.9/mt, respectively, up $0.9/mt or 0.2% and $5.4/mt or 1.5% month on month. Related: Oil Flat, Seesaws On Demand Fears

China exported 230,000 mt of GNG in June, up 4.5% year on year and 60,000 mt or 35.3% month on month. The export value was $120 million, up 6.0% year on year, data from GAC shows.

It can be calculated that GNG export price averaged $512.6/mt in June, down $18.1/mt or 3.4% month on month.

From January to June, China accumulatively imported 46.92 million mt of natural gas, up 11.6% year on year, including 28.37 million mt of LNG and 18.55 million mt of PNG, up 19.3% and 1.6% year on year, respectively.

The import value was $21.10 billion in the period, up 27.7% year on year, and that of LNG and PNG were $14.32 billion and $6.78 billion, respectively, up 31.5% and 20.3% year on year.

China exported 1.06 million mt of GNG in total in the first six months of this year, flat year on year, with the export value up 8.0% year on year to $500 million.

By JLC International

Mr. Butts Chairman of Honor Valor Courage Corporation informed Mr. Weidlich that he received an email from Shally Wu CEO of Golden Tie on 7-30-2019 stating that the China Representative will come to the United State shortly to discuss the LNG Consortium Project in detail to prepare the China side buyers to purchase LNG from the seller represented in Pennsylvania by the LNG Consortium Project.  This is a major move for LNG Consortium Project, LLC. 

LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. was formed on August 1, 2019.   

Mr. John W. Weidlich has been appointed the Managing Member of the LNG Consortium Project, LLC. 

The LNG Consortium Project, LLC, Operating Agreement has been completed.