LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT OIL & GAS ACADEMY is part of  the HVCC ACADEMIES  eleven academy network 


                                           LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT OIL & GAS ACADEMY 

The LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT Oil & Gas Academy was developed to provide training in all aspects of the oil & gas industry. The Academy focus is on a multi-disciplinary approach. The disciplines are extracting, terminals, transportation, sales, purchasing, storage, storage, security and sustainability.

Each area will be analyzed and broken down into the elements of the process.

The LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT ADACEMY is a FREE service to our MEMBERS, Veterans On-Line, High Schools, Trade School, Colleges, Universities, Veterans Administration and Vet Centers for education on the exciting and very high valued careers in the OIL & GAS industry. LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT will install all equipment and technology at no cost to the Schools or VA System.  

The Academy will bring in leading experts from around the world, utilizing our INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORK, VIDEO AND COLLABRATION PLATFORM to discuss each part of the process and how it works in real time.

LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT Oil & Gas Academy presents how it is planning to build one of the largest oil tank farm and LNG Storage & Relay Center in the world in the Greater Caribbean.

The Academy also presents the complex institutive of developing a program of bringing together the Pennsylvania Government, the Marcellus Drilling LNG Sellers, International Guaranteed Buyers, LNG CONSOTIUM PROJECT Oil & Gas Tank Farm LNG Storage & Relay Center in the Caribbean and the Greater Caribbean Governments to form an unbeatable consortium for the mutual benefit of all.

LNG  CONSORTIUM PROJECT  Oil & Gas Academy  is the only place this is taught and 99% of the graduates will be hired by LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECTS MEMBERS COMPANIES in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, Ohio and around the world. 

The LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT is predicted to develop over 10,000 new careers for Veterans in Pennsylvania. 

THE LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT ACADEMY will be available to all High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Veterans On-Line, Veterans Hospitals and VA Centers. 

LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. utilizes the amazing ZOOM ROOM technology from ZOOM. US. 

Current LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT have over 500 ZOOM ROOM ready for deployment for the ACADEMY.  Each ZOOM ROOM can have up to 100 to 300 full interactive video participant at any one class remotely.    

LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT also has full Webinar for 100 participants and a Interactive Broadcast Network for major events with the capability for 100 comintators and 20,000 viewers available to our ACADEM MEMBERS.