​​​The LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. (PA ENTITY NUMBER 6937992) is a Public Private Partnership between Governments,  Drilling LNG Sellers, International Guaranteed Buyers.  The project have now grown into many national and international projects.  We are now supplying fuel to the WorldGate Community Internationals, Oil TANK FARMS and LNG  STORAGE & RELAY CENTERS being planned around the world. 

The LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. was originally focused on MEMBER in the Marcellus Drilling LNG Sellers in Pennsylvania as their charter members, but has  now expanded to the Marcellus Drilling LNG Sellers in other states including New York, Ohio and West Virginia, as well as also expanding the Emerging Oil & Gas Shale Plays, Shale Basin, Utica and Devonian Oil, LPG and LNG  MEMBERS.  

The LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. has also expanded to include a separated special MEMBER classification for the INDIAN NATIONS in the US and CANADA. LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. is a international product provider, service provider and negotiator of SCO, FCO and Contracts covering OIL, LNG, LPG, AVIATION  BUNKER FUEL, OIL ADDITIVES, COAL, SCRAP METAL AND TEMP-COAT PRODUCTS for ASIA, INDIA and EUROPE MARKETS from AMERICA, AFRICA, INDIA, SOUTH AMERICA and CENTRAL AMERICA PROVIDERS MARKETS.

HVCC Oil & Gas Tank Farm LNG Storage & Relay Center in the Caribbean and Greater Caribbean Governments to form an unbeatable consortium for the mutual benefit of all. The LNG CONSORTIUM PROJECT, LLC. is also involved in the development of products and systems for the safe handling and transportation of Gas Products including LPG and LNG by rail and truck over the railroad and highway systems. We are very involved in the development of products for protection of ocean shipping onloading and offloading at LPG and LNG at ports and storage centers for LPG and LNG as well the protection from bad actors attacks from drones.